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Relearn digital is a simple No Jargon way to become smarter marketer & grow your business without having to trawl through hours of Youtube videos, reels and generic blog posts trying to figure out what to do (and tearing your hair out on the way).

Intake based & mentor supported with dedicated community Facebook groups.

Self-paced on-demand courses you can access anytime. Dedicated support groups

Free mini-courses, guides and essential hacks to kick off your digital learning

digital marketing courses delivered differently

Digital marketing is overwhelming – there we said it. Our courses help you focus and get stuff done. They are packed full (like to the tippy top) with examples, tools, templates and projects that are built for independent business owners, solo marketers & solo entrepreneurs. Yep, built just for you. Your future self will love the time you get back and the growth you build with Relearn Digital.

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popular courses

The 15min Bulletproof Digital Plan

FREE Micro lesson that shows you our 15min repeatable bulletproof digital planning process for smaller independent businesses.

No Jargon Digital Marketing Mini Course

Concise mini-course that steps you through a repeatable digital marketing strategy planning process for smaller independent businesses.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Free Digital Essentials Workshop – Find out what is working NOW in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Game Plan

This 6 week online course steps you through how to craft your digital strategy & implementation plan.
Built for the real world

Relearn courses are designed and built to be used in the real world. Yes we learn theory but we teach how to turn theory into real world results.

Tailored to you

All courses at Relearn have exclusive content designed by us for you. Courses are packed with Video content you can not get anywhere else

Supported learning

Industry Mentors to support your learning and 24/7 access to dedicated Facebook Groups to interact with your learning community.

No Jargon, ever

Relearn cut through the digital marketing jargon. Down to earth and easy to understand courses that deliver results for small businesses.

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