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Welcome to Relearn Digital. It’s no longer an idea it is now a reality. Relearn Digital has been an idea (that has kept me awake at night) for some time and I am really happy that it is finally a thing.

This is a letter, memo, a note to myself and you the small business owner and SME marketer. The curious ones looking to broaden their knowledge.

I am writing this at 6.37am on a Saturday morning. It’s mid pandemic. What a time to be launching a business (oh the doubts….will it look like opportunism, do i wait…HOMESCHOOLING!!). But it’s time, maybe not the right time, but that’s the great thing about time it will tell me one way or another.

This little note is intended to give you a peek into the vision of Relearn, our why – as well as being something I look forward to referring back to over time (no pun intended).

I know there are many options open to you to help further your understanding of digital marketing, some free, many not, so i thank you for getting this far.

Our (my) mission

“Insightful, real world and jargon free Relearn Digital helps small businesses gain the confidence to implement & manage digital marketing through great content & courses.”

It’s up on the wall (although my kids keep taking it down) so i can see it everyday. I think that’s important, keeps me focused on the why. After all this is one of my core beliefs, we have to find the why at the centre of everything we do.

From this mission come four pillars that will drive everything we do at Relearn Digital.

No Jargon, ever

Simply put there is a lot Jargon in digital marketing and quite often (embarrassingly holding my hand up) driven by digital marketers. So at Relearn we promise, No Jargon, ever. We will cut through with relatable and insightful content, case studies, examples and templates designed for small businesses.

Knowledge that drives results

We want you to walk away from a Relearn Digital course with knowledge that you can implement that will drive results. Simple. As. That. Ha. If you leave thinking “now what” we will have failed.

Be true to what we believe

While there are absolute definites in this industry there is also a lot of opinion. We will not be followers at Relearn Digital and will be driven by my (our) core beliefs. Central to this is one core belief – strategy before tactics. I believe in finding the “why” at the centre of everything. Finding the why centres on understanding what your humans (aka customers) want/need/feel/fear. So our courses will be driven by this guiding principle to understand the why before getting to the how & what.

Have fun

Running a business can be hard. So we want to try and bring some fun. We will be interviewing small business owners and gaining some unique insights, bringing in industry experts and poking some well meaning fun at some of the more overzealous parts of this industry.

So, thank you for making it this far. I hope you go a little further and explore what Relearn Digital has to offer. I will be checking back in to post in 6 months to give you an update. I wonder what will happen?

Hope to see you soon. Martin.

Martin Carlill

Martin Carlill

Martin is founder & lead instructor at Relearn. Martin is a digital marketing specialist with over 20 years experience across inbound marketing strategy, eCommerce, digital strategy, social media, SEO, SEM and content marketing.

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