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We all like free stuff. Digital marketing mini-workshops, hacks and guides to get your digital juices flowing.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming especially when you are a time-pressured small business owner or marketer. At relearn, we understand so we have collated some free mini-courses, guides and hacks to help you get stuff done.

Free Digital Marketing Video's

F.A.C.T.S - Free digital strategy mini template + How To Video

Digital marketing can be very overwhelming for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. You often don’t start because you don’t know where to start! This Video & Free Template will help simplify things so you can get started

Free Digital Marketing Guides & Downloads

Content Planning Template

Map out your content plans and get clear on your weekly production schedule and the tasks you need to complete for each channel. There is even a little how-to video and filled in examples to get you started. I mean come on, awesome or what?

Customer Pain Points Template and How to Video.

Getting to know your customer (humans as i like to call them) pain points is a vital step to help you plan out your approach to your digital marketing. This template helps you map out the pain points and walks you through 3 ways to use them.

Create a digital marketing strategy for a small business

This epic step-by-step guide on how to create a digital marketing strategy for a small business will blow you away. A step by step resource that you can download guide for future reference. So good, woop.

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