Customer pain points template & How to Video

Get to know your customers pain points

Getting to know your customers pain points (we call them humans at Relearn but more on that in the template) is a core fundamental of any digital marketing approach.

At Relearn we have always referred to customers as humans. Because they are. We forget this so often in digital marketing. We treat customers or potential customers as data sets or lines on a spreadsheet. They are not they are humans and we have to treat them this way, with empathy and feeling. So we have produced a little mini template to help you get to know your customers (humans) a little better by mapping their problems. The mini template includes:

  • 3 Free hacks to research your humans and nail your pain points
  • Problem Map – Grid for you to map your human’s problems
  • 3 ways you can use the map for your business
    • Mini audit
    • Your human’s journey
    • Content buckets

But how do I use fill it out, we hear you ask? No worries, we have included examples and an in-depth video on how to use the template too. Very cool!

Grab your copy of the mini template and get to know your humans a bit better.

Grab a copy of the template below!

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