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what are we looking for?

Content that is educational and will help elevate the knowledge of small to medium-sized business owners — think of a how-to guide.

  • What can you teach others that will empower them?
  • What can you teach that is different from what has already been published?
  • How can you unpack the latest digital trends for small businesses to understand
  • Break down the steps people can follow, screenshots are great teaching tools.

here are 8 basic guidelines for approval


Unique content that has not been published elsewhere – look if you have a topic that you love writing about and have published before that is cool – give it a new spin and we will give it a review.


Actionable – We are about empowering our community – how to information that our community can learn from.


Link to credible resources – We want to ensure our readers know the basics so link credible resources.


No over promotion – We know what you are doing and so do the readers – be authoritative or is hurts the blog and you.


Where you can use relevant and timely research data – stuff happens quick in digital.


Meet a need and offer a valuable solution.


No Jargon, ever – break it down and make it relatable to our community.


Focus on the facts – don’t make claims that can not be backed up.

we love you, lets be BFF’s

At Relearn we are all about community. So if your article gets approved you get a nice bio (we wanna see those awesome headshots) with a couple of shiny links to promote your socials. Plus you get a super lovely (like an “all hail to the master of knowledge”) post across the Relearn socials shouting about your knowledge-bomb of a post. Sounds super fair to us.

submission requirements content

  • Submit your proposed article title and a 100-200 word synopsis of your article - remember the guidelines and wow us.
  • In addition to tell us who you are - don’t be shy.
  • When a post proposal is submitted it is added to the queue and the Relearn team gets to work on reviewing. Authors will be notified if the article has been approved within 5 business days.
  • When approved you will have 10 business days to submit the completed article.
  • After receipt of the final article aim to have posts up and live inside 3 business weeks (but don’t lynch us if we are out be a day or two).

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