Frequently Asked Questions

We dont have a set number of people per course, but we do keep the number of learners per mentor to around 20. This enables the mentors to focus on your learning while not getting over stretched and gives you piece of mind that the support you need will be on hand

We understand that people learn in different ways so we have courses and programs to suit all.

Online courses

All Online Courses at Relearn Digital at intake based. You are never learning alone; you progress through all our courses with your fellow learners – interacting with your fellow learners and instructors as you go.

On Demand courses

We also have On Demand courses that you can work through at your own pace.

As we have 2 different learning paths so it does differ but these are good guides to follow:

Online courses

You will need to set aside 1 hr a week for your live webinar Q&A session plus 4-6 hours a week to cement your new found digital knowledge via activities, online materials and implementation.

On demand

As these courses are On Demand you can consume them at your own pace. Each course has the hours detailed to review the content and apply your learning. We recommend setting aside the time to tackle these in one or two goes and then implement, as this is the best way to get the results.

Relearn specialises in digital marketing education for small business owners & solo entrepreneurs . Martin (our founder and lead instructor) has over 22 years of experience in digital working with 100’s of small businesses across retail, hospitality, lifestyle, ecommerce and list goes on. In addition our industry experts and mentors have been selected to add unique knowledge and skills to your learning. So whatever industry you are in b2b, service sector, SaaS or a local shop or cafe owner our courses are designed for you.

Not sure if we are right for you and what to check in – drop us an email  and we will be happy to chat about who you are and how we can help.

There are no prerequisites, although many of our learners are familiar with basic marketing concepts and have some experience with digital campaigns, it is in no way required. We pride ourselves on No Jargon ever, So whether you’re brand new to the field or you’re looking to get more from existing campaigns, our courses will enable you to understand how to put digital to work for you and your business.

We try to keep things light on so you can focus on implementing your knowledge. Some courses require access to social and digital platforms, these requirements are clearly stated in advance – so no hidden surprises.

Learners on all courses will need the following:


A laptop (or computer if that’s your jam) is a must and its best to ensure it is in good working order. You will need good reliable internet to access the learning bombs we drop via live webinars sessions too.


We use facebook groups to encourage peer to peer learning, conduct course support and share course materials. So a working facebook account is a must – if you are not a facebook user then we are probably not for you.

Google Drive

We use Google Drive to share materials and support your project through templates, workbooks and activities. If you have a gmail account then you have access to Google drive – simple.

In addition to the high fives from us and your fellow learners we use Credly to provide you with some super cool badges. You can then share these with your community to show them just how darn clever you are.

This is the hard part.

We are a small business too and spend every day trying to be the best we can be. We want to hand the power of digital to you – the small business owner. We love what we do and hope (like with all fingers crossed) that you like the courses we build for you.

To help us do this we have some clear cancellation and refund policies. These are highlighted before booking any of our courses – We want to be transparent with y’all.

Cancellations and refunds

Due to the digital nature of our online courses and the resource requirements we don’t offer refunds.

In limited circumstances we do offer transfers, substitutions or credit notes. Please see our full terms and conditions for more details – but we have outlined the most critical ones below for you.

Cancellations & refunds

You will be working on your business. All our courses have workbooks and templates designed to get you applying the knowledge you learn on your business. We want to see those social posts, blog posts, landing pages and paid ads. Our learning is about giving you the tools to confidently manage your digital marketing through internal and external teams. It’s all about handing the power of digital marketing to you baby.

All our courses will have a lead instructor to help guide you through the course. They will lead the webinar sessions  and be your main point of contact. They will be joined by industry mentors that will being unique knowledge and skills to enhance your learning experience.

Each course page details the instructors and mentors so you know who’s who in the zoo.

This is the best bit, HEAPS

In course support

  • Dedicated Facebook Group – Your mentors will be on hands to answer questions as will your peers for collaboration.
  • In-course Feedback – You get feedback on your work during the courses and on your final projects from the mentors
  • 1-1 with the lead instructor – On our online courses you get a dedicated 1-1 session with the lead instructor to chat through your work

Post course support

The 6-week & 4- week courses are just the start for you and us. We are so passionate about making digital marketing work for you that you get another additional weeks of support post course completion – 6 extra or 4 extra depending the courser you choose. We don’t just dump you in a Facebook group, no sir. You get exclusive access to live coaching calls with Martin. Drop in anytime in the weeks after you complete the course and get stuff done. We want you to implement your work and smash your targets.

Helping hand

Our learning support team will be on hand throughout the course to ensure your mentors focus on you. They are there for all the fiddly “I cannot login” “where is this…” questions.

We let you know how this all works when you get started. We are with you every step of the way with our support teams and mentors online when you need them most.

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