Strategy v Tactics: You need to know the difference

back Strategy v Tactics in Digital marketing Creating and running a thriving business can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a war with no easy way to win. History tells is that strategy and tactics are vital to success, but how can we apply this to our modern marketing practices? The difference between strategy and tactics […]

Why SWOT is still one of the most incisive planning tools

back Undertake your digital S.W.O.T and understand where opportunity lies SWOT analysis was invented in the 1960s by Albert Humphrey at the Stanford Research Institute. The aim was to find a way for companies to conduct executable, rational long-term planning, and the S.W.O.T model brought some much needed accountability and objectivity. SWOT analysis remains a […]

Welcome to Relearn Digital

back Welcome to Relearn Digital. It’s no longer an idea it is now a reality. Relearn Digital has been an idea (that has kept me awake at night) for some time and I am really happy that it is finally a thing. This is a letter, memo, a note to myself and you the small […]

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